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My name is Maria. I am a wedding and family photographer in Portugal.
I was born in a small Ukrainian town with a sweet name Izyum. But for more than 10 years I have lived outside my land, visiting it periodically. I now live in Portugal and my beloved Spain has already become almost native. I love to travel and I can't imagine my life without traveling and visiting new places.
I am always open to new proposals and unexpected trips. If you have an idea for photography - family, wedding, love story - choose me. I'd like to bring your craziest photographic idea to life.
In our time, photography has become quite accessible and there are a lot of photographers. Most importantly, with the advent of smartphones with great cameras, everyone can take pictures! But taking photos that give goosebumps, in which the soul of the photographer is felt, which retain long and trembling memories, is not given to everyone.
A good photograph should arouse emotions and, among other things, not always positive. After all, photography is a story about life, and in life there are the most polar emotions.
Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!

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