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The most beautiful Christmas markets 2021 in the world

With the arrival of the holidays, many cities return to decorate themselves with stalls, while the inebriating scent of cinnamon, ginger and mulled wine spreads through the streets. An opportunity for recreation and socialization in search of the right gift for friends and relatives, the Christmas markets help to create that Christmas atmosphere that makes the holiday season special.

But where are the most beautiful Christmas markets located? We have collected them for you in this article!

christmas market prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Let's start our article dedicated to the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world by talking about the one located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Prague is a splendid medieval city that during the holiday period turns into a magical place in which to get lost among the stalls: you will find, in fact, 4 Christmas markets, organized in the main points of interest in the city (Old Town Square, Wenceslao, Vinohrady and Republic Square).

christmas market munich

Munich, Germany

Do you want to find out which are the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe? You should know that the Marienplatz market is among the most important, as well as being the oldest and largest in Germany. It seems that its origin dates back to the 14th century and is linked to the tradition of San Nicola. This market is located at the foot of the Town Hall, from whose balcony cheerful Christmas carols are sung, while colored lights shine in every stall in the square. The Munich market is worth a visit especially for its Christmas tree, the pride of the city: a real tree 30 meters high and decorated with 2500 candles whose flames dance in the winter cold.

christmas market dresden

Dresden, Germany

Also very famous is the Dresden Striezelmarkt, one of the largest and most authentic Christmas markets in Germany. With over 250 stalls and almost 600 years of history, this market offers not only the opportunity to taste all the typical excellences of the country, but also to buy beautiful Christmas items handmade by the artisans of the region.

christmas market vienna

Vienna, Austria

Vienna at Christmas is tinged with magic. The Wiener Adventzauber, the Christmas market in Vienna, embodies the purest Christmas spirit: the scent of honey, almonds and gingerbread emanates from the colorful stalls that adorn the Town Hall Square, and the Tree, the puppet theater and the Vienna carousel are its three major attractions.

christmas market budapest

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary is decorated according to the oldest Christmas tradition during the holidays. Its Christmas market welcomes visitors with handicrafts and delicious Hungarian food, while a show of lights, scents and colors is revealed at every corner of the city.

christmas market moscow

Moscow, Russia

In the traditional Moscow markets you will find the perfect place to lose yourself among handmade toys and typical gastronomic specialties. The wonderful Christmas lights and decorations transform the center of Moscow into a magical and fabulous place. The usually austere Red Square becomes much more intimate and warm during this time of the year and transforms into a traditional Christmas market, where you can eat pancakes, participate in folklore shows and buy handicrafts.

christmas market barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

The Santa Lucía Christmas market is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, where a fairytale Christmas image is spontaneously created. Right in Piazza Nova, in front of the imposing cathedral of the city, this market is an annual event for all people who want to decorate their homes with the most beautiful decorations and fill the pantry with typical sweets of the region.

christmas market naples

Naples, Italy

The San Gregorio Armeno market in Naples is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and characteristic Christmas markets in Italy. This market also has a unique feature: it is open all year round. It is not, in fact, a temporary market, but a real area of the city dedicated to Christmas. Getting lost in the alleys of the neighborhood and admiring the wonderful creations of the artisans is a truly unique experience.

christmas market bolzano

Bolzano, Italy

We stay in Italy but we move north and more precisely to Bolzano, in South Tyrol. When it comes to Christmas markets, Bolzano is certainly an essential point of reference. The Bolzano Christmas market is an unmissable attraction for tourists, thanks to the fir trees embellished with Christmas lights that decorate every corner of the city, the wooden stalls scattered along the streets of the center and the Christmas specialties such as mulled wine and zelten with candied fruit.

christmas market new york

New York, United States

Thinking about Christmas, it is impossible not to imagine the imposing tree and ice skating rink of Rockefeller Center, Time Square that is filled with lights and Fifth Avenue decorated with the typical elegance of New York Christmas. The Christmas atmosphere in New York can be felt above all in Bryant Park, whose Christmas market hosts the most original vendors in the city and a large ice skating rink.

christmas photoshoot

Christmas photoshoot

Thus ends our review of the most beautiful Christmas markets to visit. We hope to have passed on some of that Christmas magic that reigns in the festively decorated cities, or at least the desire to organize a small holiday towards these fantastic destinations!

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