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How to pose for Instagram: Top 5 tips and tricks

In the age of social media, we are almost always looking for the perfect photo to post, the photo in which we look our best: of course, Instagram filters can help us when it comes to a selfie, but when it comes to a full-length photo, it's the pose that counts the most!

At this point, you must be wondering what are the best poses to look good in Instagram photos: today, we'd like to recommend some of the most beautiful and original ones that will make your feed more appealing and get that algorithm going. So forgo the classic "tummy in, chest out" and read on!

Tips and tricks for good Instagram photos

The first advice we want to give you to take beautiful Instagram pictures is to let go and relax. Try to overcome the shyness and embarrassment that inevitably occur when we have to be photographed in public!

Then, go for variety: when you are being photographed, don't keep the same pose for all the pictures. Move, walk, sway, and alternate these moves with others. One of the main secrets to looking good in photos is to capture an image that looks as natural as possible.

Staying on the topic of variety, let us avoid posting repetitive photos. The photos you post may have some elements in common - like a color that recurs and creates continuity - but what needs to change is the position of the subject, alternating close-ups, back-to-back, three-quarter shots, and so on. Put yourself in the scene as if it were a frame and move around the different points that characterize it. This will make it simpler to achieve Instagram-perfect poses.

In any case, remember that those who have to take the photos for Instagram must have a quick thumb. Capturing the perfect moment is not easy, but losing it is a question of a split second!

How to look good in Instagram pictures

Here are some simple but effective poses that will help you look good in the photos you post on Instagram:

  • Gaze into the horizon

When it comes to perfect poses for Instagram, it's best to avoid looking into the lens except on certain occasions, such as close-ups with a particularly intense gaze towards the viewer. Instead, try to pretend you are watching something in the distance like you are doing something else, as if you are not posing: The effect will be that of a "stolen shot" in a moment of distraction.

  • A foot in front of the other

This pose is perfect for looking slimmer: one of the classic methods is to stand on your toes, even barefoot, crossing your legs a little, or even emphasizing your posture on one side.

  • Holding an object

If you are holding something in your hand, the pose will be more natural and look better in the picture because you avoid the classic rigid and static postures. A tip for men: to look more interesting and mysterious, have your picture taken while you adjust your shirt cuff, or while you adjust your ring or watch. Seeing is believing!

how to pose for instagram

  • Tilting your head to the side

A secret to looking good in close-ups, or definitely in ones where we want to emphasize the face, is to turn your head slightly to the side and look over your shoulder. This pose will make you look even more charming!

  • Lighting is key!

Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times of day to take beautiful photos because the light is not perpendicular to the face, so flaws like wrinkles, bags, and dark circles under the eyes are less likely to be highlighted. In addition, the background, whether flora, fauna, monuments or country roads, is not to be underestimated if we want to take beautiful photos for Instagram.

Make sure you choose the right angle, a stunning view, and that no one is around: turn around to give the impression of a "stolen snapshot" and that's it!

Instagram Photoshoot

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