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Do you know the most creepy places in the world? Halloween Special Edition

It's Halloween time! So, to honour this Halloween, we selected the most creepy places in the world. Are you ready for a dose of fear?

camino de la muerte

Camino de la Muerte

The Camino de la Muerte, in Bolivia, is known as the most dangerous road in the world: narrow and unpaved, with a difference in height of over 3000 meters, totally devoid of parapets or protections that can delimit the road edge, which is skirted from overhangs of which he cannot even glimpse the bottom. As if that weren't enough, it often rains and dangerous fog banks are also created that can reduce visibility to a few meters, transforming the route into a sort of challenge to fate or luck. This very dangerous road claims between 200 and 300 victims every year, as evidenced by the many crosses scattered along the route.

door of hell

Door of Hell

Did you know that the door of hell is in Turkmenistan? It is a frightening chasm of fire the size of a football field, burning in the Karakum desert. Contrary to what one might think, the Door of Hell is not a natural phenomenon: this crater, in fact, has been burning continuously since 1971, the year in which a group of Soviet geologists began drilling the soil in search of oil. However, the drilling led to a sudden collapse of the ground, forming a gigantic crater that began to disperse poisonous gases. Thus, the scientists decided to start a fire believing that the fire would be able to consume all the gas in a few days. But the expectations were denied and even today, after more than forty years, the flames continue to burn, spreading a strong smell of sulfur. Hence the evocative denomination of “Door of Hell”.

gold castle of edinburgh

The Gost Castle of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Castle , with nearly one thousand years of history , is on the list for the most scariest place in the world. The legends are many , mabye because of the many bad events happened over the years. One of the ghost of the castle is called "The Bagpiper".

Lost in the labyrinths of the castle it is still possible to hear the sound of the ghost from far. Even if you don't belive in ghost stories the atmosphere of the castel is unnerve!

hoia forest

Hoia Forest

This terrifying forest is located near Cluj Napoca, home town of Mattia Corvino, torturer of Count Dracula. The atmosphere you breathe puts this place at the top of the list of one of the many scariest places in the world. Numerous people would swear they saw ghosts wandering among the trees, but the real mystery are the strange trees that grow in this land. Despite their two centuries of life these trees look young, they go against all botanical laws. All the stories and the legends that revolve around this place make them take the name of “The triangle of Bermuda of Transylvania”.