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Cookie Policy

We use cookies, which are small files containing information that are sent to your computer or device, such as your phone, when you visit our website. They are stored in your browser in order to save data that allow us to recognize you as Shootingrent customers in particular when you visit our website again.

With the use of cookies also we can connect the history of your reservations and other data that we process by browsing the internet.

The information obtained through cookies allows you to browse our website optimally and allow us to provide you with interesting offers, to acquire more information on the behavior of users of our site, to analyze trends and improve both the website and the service we provide to you and the services provided by Shootingrent.

Our website also uses third-party cookies, which are used to create a browsing history for each visitor, so that we can show you targeted advertisements and guarantee you a better browsing experience on our site. If your browser allows third-party cookies, the partner selected by us will be able to save their cookies on your browser.