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I was born in August 1992 in Brescia. Always passionate about photography, travel and art. In 2011 I graduated from the artistic high school, subsequently moved to Milan where I attended the European Institute of Design and I obtained a diploma in photography.

In the following years I started traveling cultivating one of my greatest passions. I expanded my photography skills by attending a reportage master's degree at the John Kaverdash Photography Academy in Milan and a filmaking course at the Mohole School. Since I was a teenager I have been very clear about my path, my goals and what I want to achieve. The desire to experiment has taken me around the world and, to date, my productions are a combination of passion, beauty and experiences, full of "lived and told stories". What is my job “Each of us has a special means to be able to express themselves and transform their experiences into energy. For me, photography is exactly this, a way to tell, through my eyes, what amazes me, fascinates me and arouses me emotions and to be able to share it with the world. My intent is to arouse reflections, I love to look in depth and I want my stories to be authentic, truthful and exciting."

“Through photography I find the possibility of expressing beauty as I perceive it, fixing a place, a light and a color. Photography is what starts from the heart, passes through the mind and transmits emotions through the shot. " My professional career started working for architectural firms and real estate agencies, for which I created interior services for offices, companies and homes. I have performed various commissioned works for events, weddings and ceremonies.
After the 2-hour professional shooting, 50 post-produced HD photos will be delivered within 5/6 days.

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