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Autumn photoshoot: 4 tips for a perfect shooting

The autumn season seems to be made especially for the pleasure of the eyes and the peace of the soul: nothing has the power to make us feel so satisfied and at peace with the universe like a walk surrounded by a nature tinged with beautiful red, orange, yellow and purple shades, giving us the enchanting spectacle of the foliage.

These infinite and suggestive shades of color that landscapes take on are not found at any time of the year, becoming the perfect setting for a photoshoot in parks and woods.

But also cities, this season, hide unexpectedly wonderful corners in which to take beautiful photographs.

Autumn tones, warm and bright, are the perfect background: they embellish the subjects, enveloping them in an almost magical light, in which everything appears suspended, timeless, as in a dream.

The light is also special: warm, diffused and soft, it infuses an almost golden brightness.

In short, autumn is an excellent time of year for photoshoots of all kinds: it can be an opportunity to take romantic couple photos in bright forests and parks, or magnificent portraits with which to decorate the walls of the house, or group photos with friends and relatives as well.

So, without going further, let's start immediately with our tips for a perfect autumn photoshoot!

Wear clothes that match the colors of nature

One of the things we love autumn for is certainly its wonderful colors. As temperatures drop and the air gets colder, the leaves undergo the transformation from summer green colors to a spectacular palette of yellows, oranges, reds and golds.

So, if you are wondering how to dress for your fall photoshoot, we recommend choosing colors that blend with the surroundings - an orange sweater, a yellow scarf or a red dress, for example – enveloping you in a beautiful autumn scene.

Alternatively, you can also opt for colors in shades of gold, which will coordinate perfectly with the changing colors of autumn.

Or, you can choose neutral or cream colors, which are great for this season.

In short, whatever your style, with coordinated clothes you will look your best during the shooting!

Little tip: if the photoshoot is a group shoot, remember to coordinate with each other as well!

Find the perfect backdrop

This season offers endless beautiful sceneries, so why not take advantage of them?

Parks and woods are perfect for these occasions: look for branches, leaves, trees or other natural elements that can frame the main subject, so as to emphasize it and create a beautiful frame all around.

And if you are in the city, wearing autumn-colored clothes, such as an orange blazer or a gold dress, will make you stand out even more thanks to the contrast with the gray buildings of the metropolis.

In any case, if you decide to book a shooting with a professional photographer, he will find the perfect setting and advise you on the best poses to look good in photos.

Take advantage of the golden hour

The golden hour describes that time around sunrise and sunset when the sun is in a low position and the landscape glows with a picturesque soft light.

We guarantee that getting up early or staying out late for a shoot is really worth it, because photographing while the sun is low in the sky will help emphasize the vibrant autumn colors.

Don't be put off by cloudy days

Fall is certainly not a season when you can expect sunshine all day, every day. The days get shorter and the weather changes rapidly, which normally also means rain, fog and gray days.

Surprisingly, this changing climate can also allow us to obtain beautiful and evocative photographic shots!

Lakes, woods, rivers and streams are, in fact, the perfect setting for a shooting during cloudy or foggy days. Furthermore, while the light remains ideal during the golden hour, in these days it is more indulgent and it is easier to obtain impressive photographs at other times of the day as well.

If, during a shooting on a gray and foggy day, you decide to follow our advice and dress in the colors of autumn, the photographs you will get will certainly be of great impact: the warm and bright colors will create a strong contrast with the gray background, emphasizing the main subject and creating a very suggestive final effect.

Book your autumn photoshoot

Let yourself be inspired by this magical season, in which time slows down and nature explodes in a grand finale giving us its ultimate beauty, made of colors, lights and scents.

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