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5 destination to go on holiday autumn 2021

Summer is over, but is the desire still on? Great, because autumn is the perfect time to please the desire to travel, which despite the summer holidays that have just ended is still more alive then ever!

Autumn in fact, with his mild temperature and sunny days, is the right season to visit places that are dressed with ligths and colours and is able to satisfy the needs of every traveller. There are destinations that gives their best in autumm season: some are in fact perfect to admire the foliage, the wonderful spectacle of the leaves that takes on the warmth colours which creates a spectacular palette of shades. After our in-depth analysis on the best destinations for summer, the time has come to talk about the best destination for Autumn 2021!

We have selected 5 of the best destinations to go in autumn.

These are places that with this beautiful season makes us wish it was autumn forever.

professional photographers in rome

Rome, ione of the most beautiful destination to visit during autumn in Italy

Rome is well known as the Eternal City, is an eternal surprise which contains unlimited places to see. Rome is an open-air museum and hub of history, art and architecture. Autumn is the perfect time to visit it, because the temperature are still mild, the days are still longer, its sunset colours the sky with red and orange which are the same coulou of the leaves in this season.

Speaking of leaves, Rome is full of places where you can admire the foliage and let yourself be conqured by the beautiful shades that this season has to offer. To keep the memory of you holiday forever, we advise you to be immortalize in a photoshoot made by one of our photographers in Rome who, like a real local guide, will make you discover new corners, suggestive views and unknown places of the city creating unique and original photographic shoots.

professional photographers in porto

Autumn weekend in Porto

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the north of Portugal is Porto, the most important, most touristic and largest city just after Lisbon.

In Porto you can admire beautiful attraction, neighborhoods and building full of azelejos, the classic ornaments typical of portuguese architecture.

It is a very characteristict city, which is rekindled in autumn after the grape harvest for the production of Porto’s wine, the most faumous and well known wine throughout the world.

This city is decidedly quiter than the capital and will take you a couple of days to see it all: there are lots of things to do, you can visit one of the many wineries and discover it’s ultra- centennial history, or get lost around the city on board of the historic trams.

If you want to try a slightly different experience we raccomend that you contact a photographer in Porto and let him guide you to discover the city, so as to immortalize you in the most beautiful and caracteristic places, giving you a photoshoot full of stlyle and artistic vision.

professional photographer in marrakech

Marrakesh is the destination for a low cost trip in autumn

Throughout Central Africa, the autumn period is perfect for a trip, with a hot and dry climate. During this season, the sun still shines in Morocco, the temperature is hot during the day and cool at night, and what's more intresting is the prices are lower than in the high season. Autumn is therefore perfect for visiting Marrakesh comfortably without heat, especially if you are blessed by the rains.

Marrakesh is a magical city teeming with traditions, which knows how to charm tourists and make their stay memorable. There is no better place to have unforgettable photographs taken, which reflect the vibrant colors, charm, vitality and energy of the city. By booking a photographer in Marrakesh you will have at your disposal not only a professional photographer, but also an expert local guide, who will allow you to discover the most characteristic and evocative places of the city. You will return from your trip with a one-of-a-kind photoshoot, thanks to which you will always carry with you a dense, colorful memory of your vacation, with spicy scents and a Thousand and One Nights atmosphere.

professional photographer in malta

Autumn trip to Malta

If you are looking for a place to go to the beach in autumn, then know that Malta is simply delicious this season, and is ideal for those who want to dive into a unique and special dimension in the heart of the Mediterranean. Thanks to the mild climate and sunny days, visiting Malta in autumn will allow you to dedicate yourself to trekking and walks in the wild landscapes of the island, or to cultural visits. In this period, in fact, the archipelago comes alive with numerousevents dedicated to art, sport and culture.

In autumn you will have the beaches almost alone, after the boom of the summer season, and you will have the opportunity to visit the extraordinary Blue Lagoon of Comino, one of the most photographed places, at a more leisurely pace.

And speaking of photos, a photoshoot in Malta will be your icing on the cake, so you can enjoy your holiday in total relaxation, without thinking about where to go and the most beautiful places to photograph: your local photographer will take care of it, who will immortalize your unique and timeless moments, which you can relive every time you have them in front of your eyes.

professional photographer in new york

Destinations for autumn 2021: New York

If you have much more than a short weekend to spare and want to spend it in a modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan city, then we can only recommend you to visit New York.

In Central Park, the foliage is a wonderful, unforgettable and spectacle: believe us, autumn in the most famous park in the Big city is one of the things to see at least once in a lifetime. New York is full of beautiful places to see and photograph, and being immortalized in these places by a professional local photographer is a priceless experience. A photoshoot in New York, when the city is tinged with the colors of autumn, is what it takes to make the best memories of your holiday eternal.

Photoshoot in autumn? Book it with Shootingrent!

Autumn is the perfect season not only for traveling, but also for a colorful outdoor photoshoot! The warm and bright tones of autumn, in fact, are the perfect background for photographs: they embellish the subjects, enveloping them in an almost magical light, in which everything appears suspended, timeless, just like in a dream.

The infinite shades of color, ranging from yellow to orange, to even red and purple, create a natural blur worthy of a painting: the result is empathic images of particular charm.

Not to mention the autumn light - so warm, soft and soft, it infuses an almost golden glow and is simply perfect for photographic portraits.

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