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Since I remember myself I always felt a passion in watching photos and albums.
Growing I had the biggest collection of moments
I was passionate with the light and the absence of it and how everything reacted from objects to living beings.
Always loved to observe and capture the unique diversity of the moment of a feeling is my everyday challenge.

Is that feeling when you look at a picture and try to imagine the story that comes behind.
Sometimes secretly wish you were in that picture.

This is the feeling I wanna inspire through my work. Every click to have a story, have a drop of soul.

I studied photography in Thessaloniki and worked all over Greece for about 8y mostly in weddings and fashion
Then I had my first long distant trip to Los Angeles and where I added some extra knowledge to my bio and had the luck to work with local companies and models.
This was my wake up call and in my returning to Greece I decided to move in a place that could give me more challenges, an international destination where I could meet and work with all kinds of people and meet my new love in architecture photography.
So here I am now in Mykonos the blessed Cycladic island in beautiful Aegean sea capturing moments in the most beautiful landscapes covered in blue and white!!!

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